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Le Verre en Cave is the first independent retail wine shop in Switzerland to offer FREE sampling before purchase to walk-in customers on a large range of fine wines.

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In the heart of Eaux-Vives, you will have the opportunity to try before you buy no less than 32 whites, rosés and reds during opening hours so that you never go wrong again on a bottle you buy because you would have tried it before!

 2 options: 

1) You are coming to the shop to buy wineOne of Le Verre en Cave shop assistants will guide you and offer you to sample as many wines as you wish for free so that you find the wines you like.

2) You are coming to the shop to have a glass of wine: This is also possible! Just buy a pre-paid card providing you access to the 32 wines by the glass we have, and tapas are even on the house! Cherry on the cake: when you use your card in the shop you benefit from a 5% discount (promotions included) if you decide to buy something.    

How can we have 32 wines available by the glass to sample or drink?

Le Verre en Cave uses 4 serving machines (with 8 bottles in each one of them) called Enomatic which use food nitrogen, a neutral gas, as a blanket preventing the wines from oxidation. As a result the wines stay fresh for a few weeks and with no loss in aromas or tastes!

Wine tasting system

Located in Geneva (Switzerland), Le Verre en Cave opens its wine dedicated space from Monday to Saturday. You'll have the opportunity to taste various wines for free to help you make your mind and to have a complete satisfaction warranty while buying wine.


Le Verre en Cave
Wine shop and wine tasting in Geneva
Rue des Eaux-Vives, 27
Phone: +41 22 736 51 00
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Opening hours
Monday: 10h - 19h
Tuesday: 10h - 19h
Wednesday: 10h - 19h
Thursday: 10h - 20h
Friday: 10h - 19h
Saturday: 10h - 18h