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What is a Wine Subscription?

Our wine subscriptions mean that you subscribe to receive for yourself or a friend 2 or 3 bottles of wine each month at home for a specific period of time, from 3 to 12 months. Our subscriptions are only valid for deliveries in Switzerland. 

 Wine subscriptions offer

Which kind of wines will I receive?

Le Verre en Cave selects bottles for you at two different quality levels. That means it will be a surprise when you receive these and that you will make discoveries as you won’t know beforehand! For each bottle of wine you receive, Le Verre en Cave will suggest food pairings as well.  

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 What is the purpose of a wine subscription?

- To enjoy yourself while drinking carefully selected wines!

- To save time as you will receive your wines at home each month selected by Le Verre en Cave so no need to go to the shop, wasting time selecting and carrying bottles back home!

- To make discoveries!

 Price and Delivery

Subscription prices are due for the total amount when you place your order and are all inclusive (include: order packing, packaging, and delivery each month). You will receive your first wine pack by the middle of the following month after you placed your order. For instance : if you placed your order between the 1st and 31st July, you would receive your first pack by the 15th August, and by the 15th of each and every month covering your subscription.    

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If you are not happy with the wine you have had and wish to cancel, it is very simple: please send us an email on . You will cease from receiving the wines the following month and we will reimburse the difference for the remaining time of your subscription. For instance, if you send us an email between the 1st and 31st July to cancel, your subscription will be stopped for August so you will receive something in July and nothing in August.

Other Questions?

Please call us on +41 22 736 51 00 or send us an email on . We will come back to you shortly.  

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