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Major products

The Geneva store

With more than 150 wines in stock, Le Verre en Cave offers a complete choice ranging from low-priced wines to grands crus classés.

2 subscription offers from 3 months to 1 year:

The shop has a permanent tasting system of 32 wines, to taste before buying.

Discover the Geneva store

Online sale of wines

All the wines available in the boutique are also available for sale on the Verre en Cave online shop.

  • Choice made easier by the filter system (colour, region, price, food/wine pairing, etc).
  • Free delivery from 250 Frs of purchase.
  • Possibility to collect the order free of charge at the Geneva point of sale.

Wine subscription

A fun way to discover new wines or an ideal gift, with excellent surprises delivered every month free of charge directly to your home.

2 subscription offers from 3 months to 1 year :

  • Discovery offer: 2 or 3 bottles of wine per month with exceptional value for money
  • Prestige offer: 2 or 3 bottles of wine per month with high quality vintages
Details of subscription offers

Tasting course

Every week, tasting evenings are organised on different themes to see wine in a new light.

Among the courses on offer: Introduction to wine tasting, Grands Terroirs de France, Italian wines, Spanish wines, food and wine pairing, etc.

Online booking on the website, by phone or directly at the shop.

Tasting courses to come

Organic wine

Le vin bio avec une certification est définit en Europe depuis 2012 avec une nouvelle réglementation. Mais il existe depuis les années 60 en France par exemple et le premier label réglementant l’agriculture bio est Nature et Progrès en 1964. En 1985 le ministère de l'Agriculture Français crée le label AB plus souple. En Suisse la Fédération des Entreprises Agricoles Biologiques Suisses a été créé en 1981 et porte le nom de Bio Suisse avec comme logo le bourgeon qui est une marque déposée.

Learn more about organic wine

Biodynamic wine

Unlike organic wine, the bases of biodynamics laid down by Mr Steiner in the 1920s include these two major differences:

The use of preparations that are added to the compost or sprayed on the crop allow the plant to be energized and strengthened: 6 for plant-based compost (chamomile, dandelion, valerian, nettle, yarrow, oak bark) and 2 to be sprayed on the crops (horn dung, horn silica).

Learn more about Biodynamic wine

Inspired by a passion for wine, the Verre en Cave finds the best bottles and offers them for purchase or tasting!

Are you a lover of "freshly picked or bottled" wine, and are you looking for good wine deals in Switzerland?

Wine is the beverage of the gods, and you like to discover new flavours and aromas. But it is sometimes difficult to find your way through all the offers. Buying wine should remain a pleasure and you want to avoid unpleasant surprises. Le Verre en Cave and its team of passionate wine merchants will select for you good bargains, whether for their quality/price ratio or for their originality with wines from all the wine producing countries in the world.

You are curious and you think that wine is not to be bought "lightly"?

Le Verre en Cave suggests that you participate in its wine tasting courses in Geneva. With a specific theme each week, you will understand how wine is made, what are the characteristics of the terroirs, the grape varieties and the winemaking methods. In the same way you will learn how to marry wines with food to sublimate the joy of a shared bottle.

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